Q. What makes your company different from other credit repair companies?

A. For beginners we will never charge you any upfront fees. We also will not charge you any monthly fees either. We will only charge you for the results that we have delivered to you. Some companies do not do much work. Not only do we dispute items with the 3 credit reporting agencies, we also send disputes directly to your creditors, collection agencies and even court houses! We do 100% full disputing process, not just the simple bureau dispute. We do not charge any extra for our direct dispute approach! You will also have one dedicated credit expert to work just on your process and you will always be dealing with the same person every time you call.


Q. When will I start to see the results on my credit report?

A. Most clients start to see results within the first 20-45 days.


Q. What will I get with the program?

A. When you sign up for the program, we will help you remove inaccurate negative information from your credit report to raise and rebuild your credit score.


Q. How long will the process take?

A. Most customers will begin seeing results within the first 20-45 days. However, to maximize your results we recommend that you stay in the program for six to eight months. Remember, we don’t charge any monthly fees so there’s no cost for staying in our program for a longer period of time.


Q. How do I send you my credit report?

A. We will log in to your credit monitoring service every month so we can track your progress and update your file.


Q. Is it better to use a 3-1 credit report?

A. Yes, this allows you to see the information from all three credit bureaus at one time instead of flipping through different reports.


Q. How many accounts do you challenge at one time?

A. We can challenge as many as you want.


Q. Can my spouse sign up?

A. Yes. If your spouse signs up with you, you will get a family discount.


Q. Do we have to be married to get the family plan discount?

A. No, but you must live in the same household.


Q. Will our personal information be shared with anyone else?

A. No, your personal information is safe. The only time your information would be shared is if we are working with an affiliate partner who is involved in the dispute process.


Q. Can your service help me get ready to apply for a home loan?

A. Yes, by raising your credit score, you are more likely to qualify for a home loan.


Q. Will you dispute with creditors and collection agencies?

A. Yes, we challenge all inaccurate information when necessary.


Q. I have more questions, who can I talk to?

A. Call us at 561 208 1105 or Email us at info@libertycreditexperts.com. You can also visit our website and use the contact form.


Q. How much will it cost?

A. We charge an initial credit report audit fee of $199.00 for an individual account and $299.00 for a joint account after we have performed the audit and reviewed your credit report with you. This analysis includes a thorough detailed report about what is bringing your credit score down as well as information about what you need to improve your overall credit score. If you are happy with the analysis and are ready to move on to the improvement process, we will charge you a fee ONLY for the results we have given you. There are no monthly charges. You will be billed for the negative items that we were able to delete or repair during the dispute process. You are free to cancel at any time. You will not be charged until the work is actually performed.


Q. How do I get started?

A.It all starts with a credit assessment, which you can get by visiting our Prices page or calling us at 561 208 1105. We’re different from our competition in that every one of our clients receives individual attention from Liberty Credit Experts. We formulate a customized plan of action based on your specific needs. No two clients are alike!


Q. Is this legal?

A.Yes, you are given the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), including the right to challenge inaccurate, misleading and obsolete items appearing on your credit report. Liberty Credit Experts uses every venue available to you under the law to help you assert these rights. Credit repair is so legal that the government even enacted a federal a law called CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act), to govern credit repair companies.


Q. How is this done legally??

A.Disputing items on your credit report is your legal right (see the Fair Credit Reporting Act). When you use Liberty Credit Experts to help improve your credit, we are abiding by and using all federal and regional laws regulating third party credit improvement assistance.


Q.How can bad credit be deleted?

Liberty Credit Experts is hard at work every day challenging damaging and questionable credit entries on behalf of its clients. Utilizing proven and absolutely legal methods, Liberty Credit Experts is a professional organization working for you and your credit.


Q. Will I get results?

A. No results can be guaranteed by any credit repair company. We know from experience that due to our one on one personal approach, our clients experience tremendous results. The ranges of success are as endless and unique as our clients. We partner with our clients, giving them every advantage they can have in the credit world. Yes, achieving results requires that we work in partnership. Your results will reflect that partnership.