About LCX



We are a performance based credit repair company that will only charge you for results. Credit repair is like getting your hair cut. You normally pay after your get your hair cut, right? We believe that credit repair should not be any different. We set high expectations for ourselves as a credit restoration company.

You can expect only the best service from our team of credit experts. In the economic industry, we are dedicated to helping our clients get back on track. We are here to assist you in the journey. We work with credit bureaus and creditors to fix, rebuild and improve tarnished credit.

Let our services and experience speak for themselves. We are highly dedicated in ensuring you attain the healthiest credit profile possible, and we will be with you every step of the way.

Our Mission

At the core of Liberty Credit Experts is a moral and ethical commitment to do the right thing for our clients and the right thing for our industry. Proof of our integrity can be seen in the high ratings we receive from our customers, and the number of referrals that they send to us.

Some companies keep you in the dark after they accept your money, making it almost impossible to check on your status.

We give our clients 24/7 online access to their account information. We want our clients to know exactly what is going on and not be kept in the dark.

Some insist that individuals cannot repair their credit without waiting years for negative items to be removed. Don’t believe them. We have been doing this for a long time and in that time we have found that through continually refining and redefining our strategies, we have secured methods that provide optimal performance to remove inaccurate, unverifiable, and not timely information.

Our mission is to improve your life by improving your credit. Nothing is more important to Liberty Credit Experts than your credit goals. We are all about results!

Our Specialty

We are dedicated to assisting you in regaining your financial freedom. We believe education is key to improving credit and utilize various tools in the industry to help you do just that.

Our top priority is to provide real results for our customers as we are performance based.

We only charge for results and never charge you a monthly fee for our services. We provide a three-step process to ensure client satisfaction and credit improvement.

Navigating through the credit repair maze can be daunting. With regulating laws concerning collectors, creditors, and credit bureaus, we walk you through the entire process.

Let us guide you through your credit improvement journey and gain back your financial life.

Whether you wish to finance a new home or be approved for credit again, we are the credit improvement service with for you.

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